Quality Environment and Safety

In 1999, the Management of the company decided to move towards Quality Management System certification (UNI EN ISO 9001) as a mean to include Total Quality as part of the company culture. In practical terms, this translates into strict planning and control and continuous improvement of operations, production processes and decision making procedures. To obtain this result, Cifo S.p.A. enrolled one of the most renowned certifying bodies in Italy: Certiquality.

In 2001 Cifo obtained the environmental certification. Complying with international standard UNI EN ISO14001 meant the implementation of an Environmental Management System that through a well organised and systematic approach aimed at continuous improvement would give the possibility of assessing the specific environmental performance levels of the activities. The Environmental Management System guarantees that the necessary checks are in place to make sure that all company processes are carried out in controlled conditions, so that the commitments specifically outlined in the policy disclosed to all stakeholders (staff, customers, suppliers, distributors, public bodies and category associations, etc.) are met.

Moreover, for the Management Team and all stakeholders compliance with the BS OHSAS 18001 standards demonstrates the need to define a method to check that the production processes are and remain consistent with the requirement of ensuring the health and safety of Cifo personnel.

By strictly adhering to the three management systems, Cifo makes everyone clearly aware of its decision to manufacture its products in full respect of the environment and mankind, continuing to organise its processes with a commitment to Quality. As recognition of the results achieved, in 2003 Cifo obtained the Excellence certificate, becoming one of the first companies in Italy to obtain certification in the three systems.