As a guarantee of maximum quality and professionalism, Cifo products are distributed across the nation through a capillary network only consisting of specialist points of sale.

Cifo also exports its product range, both in Europe and further afield.
The commercial network consists of sole agents and highly qualified technical personnel capable of working side by side with the customer, offering solutions for every problem related to the agricultural and gardening world.


We also take advantage of a capillary distribution network that promotes our products outside of our domestic market. In the last few years, we have been particularly successful in strengthening our shares in the Arabian countries of the Mediterranean region, and extend our presence to new markets. At the moment, our products are distributed in almost all the countries of the Middle East: Egypt, Morocco, Libya, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iraq, Kuwait, Iran, Turkey, Greece, Cyprus.

Our presence is also significant in Eastern Europe, South East Asia and India. We are working on new projects in the Dominican Republic and Australia, and for the expansion of our customer portfolio in all South American emerging countries.