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Products for the protection and care of plants and vegetable garden. Liquid fertilizers powder and tablets, slow release, granular. Seeds and fertilizers for lawns, a full range of specialties targeted to meet both the professional hobbyist.

L’importanza del biologico – EN

The importance of biological farming

With biological products Cifo Now you can take care of the plants in the garden at home and in the vegetable garden with the utmost respect of the environment and nature.

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Leonardo Valenti attends the third edition of “Managing and measuring innovation”

Cifo participated in the third edition of “Managing and measuring innovation” promoted by S&I – Strategies and Innovation in the

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VERDE URBANO, is a new range of biological products in handy boxes containing easy to use single dose envelopes. The

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Cifo’s range of products for the defense of domestic environments is enriched by a new formulation BROKILL, ready for use

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