CIFO brings technical excellence to Azerbaijan

CIFO visita in Azerbaigian

Ceren Turan, Product Manager, and Ulas Suzen, Export Manager, participated in a national technical meeting organized in Baku by AGROVITA, CIFO’s distributor in Azerbaijan.

The meeting, attended by approximately 100 participants, including farmers, agricultural consultants, buyers, hydroponics specialists, and greenhouse managers, aimed to highlight the extensive range of CIFO products available in the country. It also provided technical insights to maximize the efficiency of CIFO products and ensure optimal results for Azerbaijani farmers.

The success of this event was evidenced by the great interest and enthusiasm shown by the participants.

Our collaboration with AGROVITA and other local partners has been crucial to the success of the event. The shared goal is to build strong and collaborative relationships, based on mutual understanding of the challenges and opportunities presented by the Azerbaijani agricultural market..

CIFO visita in Azerbaigian