Organizations and Universities

Since the beginning, Cifo has always given the utmost importance to research and experimentation. Today these factors are becoming increasingly more important. Thanks to its continuous investments in these sectors, Cifo is always successful in presenting the market with the most innovative products, capable of meeting the needs of the specialists of the sector.

In order to come up with quality products capable of fully satisfying the consumer, during the years Cifo has established strong research partnerships with prestigious national bodies and Universities, carrying out extensive experiments and testing the products on different cultivations at the main production facilities across the country.

Below is a list of the main Bodies and Universities:

  • Arboriculture department of the University of Bologna.
  • Department of agricultural and environmental sciences of the University of Bologna.
  • C.R.P.V. (Vegetal Production Research Centre) of Cesena.
  • ASTRA “M. Neri” of Imola, Interprovincial centre for agricultural experimentation.
  • Centre for agricultural support and experimentation of Albenga (Savona).
  • “Martorano 5” experimental company of Cesena.
  • Centre for agricultural and forestry experimentation of Laimburg (BZ).
  • Agricultural Institute of S. Michele all’Adige – Experimental Centre (TN).
  • Department for agronomy, forestry and territory management of the University of Turin.
  • Experimental fruit growing institute, Rome, and S.O.P of Pergine (TN).
  • Institute of fruit and vine growing of the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore University of Piacenza.
  • CRA viticulture experimental institute of Turi (BA).
  • BETA, Italian beet growing research and experimentation society.
  • S.O.P. cereal growing experimental institute of Foggia.
  • S.En.Fi.Mi.Zo. department of the University of Palermo.
  • Department of agricultural biotechnologies of the University of Padua.
  • CRA (Council for agricultural research and experimentation), fruit growing research unit of Caserta.
  • CNR (National research centre) IVALSA of Sesto Fiorentino (FI)
  • U.O. Fruit growing experimental institute of Verona.