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Calcisan Green


CALCISAN GREEN is a formulation able to solve with efficacy issues connected to physiopathies caused by calcium and magnesium.

These two mesoelements are “complexed” by specific polysaccharides (alginates) which are by nature contained in extracts of Macrocystis integrofolia seaweed.

Absorption and translocation of nutrients inside vegetal tissues are in this way improved and giving the product an high nourishing efficacy.

Other substances contained in the seaweed, such as laminarins, vitamin E (Tocopherol) and aminoacids of vegetal origin help the plant to overcome environmental stress that can take place during the delicate phase of fruit growth/ripening.

Vitamin D, other nutrient present in high quantity in Macrocystis integrofolia seaweed, favors the absorption of calcium that together with boron are key elements to bind structural components of cell wall.

  • Prevents serious physiopathies (leaf withering or tip burn in vegetables, apex rot in tomato, rachis withering in vine, bitter pit in apple, browning of leaf margins in poinsettia, etc.)
  • Gives to fruit skin a greater resistance to “cracking”; increases “crispness” in leaf vegetables
  • Improves shelf life and resistance to post-harvest handling.


1 L; 5 L


Between the 28th and the 30th of September we will be at Agri Kiwi Expo, in Cisterna di Latina. This is strongly becoming an important meeting point, which for six years has drawn to Cisterna di Latina hundreds of visitors and the most important operators of the sector.

Our stand will showcase all the most suited products for the fertilisation of the kiwi fruit. Centre stage will be given to Calcisan Green, a formula capable of improving the consistency of the fruit, in addition to resolving the issues linked to the physio-pathologies caused by calcium and magnesium deficiency, and improving its conservation capabilities and resistance to breaking and handling after harvesting.

And indeed, the role of calcium – from fertilization after harvesting -, will be the focus of the intervention of Francesco Acinapura, Sales Support of Cifo, which will take place on Saturday at the conference area of the exhibition. Francesco Acinapura will provide interesting details and useful suggestions for the optimisation of results and for better quality crops.