Prevents and cures iron deficiencies


Allowed in organic agriculture

Approved for organic agriculture

Pure concentrate of Macrocystis Integrifolia


Its formula prevents and cures the Iron deficiencies of vegetable and garden plants. Iron de!ciency is characterized by inter nerval yellowing of younger leaves, with the central nervation remaining green. Subsequently, yellowing spreads on the remaining leaves and then evolves with leaf withering, starting from the edge, up to leaf fall. The plant appears to be suffering, debilitated and shows little growth, flowers and fruits. Administering Iron the plant will grow luxuriant, the leaves will become green and their colour will be intense. Moreover, flower production and fruit and vegetables yield will intensify.

Period and instruction for use

Application spraying the leaves: dilute 2 ml of the product per litre of water
Curative action: spray the solution obtained directly on the leaves 2-­3 times every 8-­12 days when the first symptoms appear.
Soil application by means of watering can: dilute 10 ml of the product every 10 lt of water.
Preventive action: apply directly to the soil the solution, suitable for 2-­3 sq. mt. approx., from the early stages of the vegetative cycle.


100 ml bottle