Bio Activator of root growth and development

cifo betalga image

Allowed in organic agriculture

Approved for organic agriculture

Pure concentrate of Macrocystis Integrifolia

• Stimulates root growth and development
• Promotes seed germination
• Increases plant tolerance to transplanting stress


BETALGA is an innovative specialty, purposely developed to stimulate rapid root formation and elongation.

The formula contains Macrocystis, Ascophyllum and Sargassum seaweed extracts and amino acids.

Due to the high content of betaines, alginic acids, micronutrients and natural growth promoters, BETALGA promotes the formation of adventitious and absorbent root hairs, then the development of the root apparatus in depth and width.

Moreover, BETALGA supplies amino acids as rapidly available source for primary metabolism, balances natural growth promoters and stimulates seed germination.


1 L; 5 L