Slow release fertilizer for flowering plants

Granverde LC Piante fiorite

Allowed in organic agriculture

Approved for organic agriculture

Pure concentrate of Macrocystis Integrifolia


t is perfect to fertilize indoor, garden and balcony plants in a continuous and balanced way for a 4-month period. Granules are made of granules covered with a special porous membrane(MCTTM) that relaseas nutrients in a costant and gradual way.
FLOWERING PLANTS is perfect for the fertilization of flowering trees, bushes and plants improving flowers quality and colour.

Period and instruction for use

This fertilizer can be used during transplants or before sowing mixed with the compost; for ornamental plants and bushes they can be used from spring on; for indoor plants they can be used all the year round. Granules shall be spread on the surface or slightly dug into the soil, taking care to always keep wet the soil. Green and flowering plants in pots: 10-15 g every 10 lt of compost. Read on the label the doses relevant to each plant.


1 kg box