Fertilizer for hedges and green plants

Granverde PS - Siepi e piante verdi

Allowed in organic agriculture

Approved for organic agriculture

Pure concentrate of Macrocystis Integrifolia


This fertilizer is perfect to supply complete nourishment to all the green plants and trees of the garden such as Photinia, Leylandii, Cycas, Laurel, Privet, Thuja, Magnolia, Liquidambar, Box, Conifers, Plam trees, etc. Nutrients are contained in a specific NPK ratio rich in Nitrogen to favour leaf and bud formation and to intensify their growth. It is enriched with essential microelements to prevent unaesthetic leaf yellowing, and to avoid premature leaf fall and poor bud growth.

Period and instruction for use

Leaf Application (by means of sprayer or backpack pump): Fill the measuring cap up to the level 1 (9 g), dissolve the content in 3 lt of water and use the solution obtained to thoroughly spray leaves. 

Soil application (watering can): Fill the measuring cap up to the level 1 (9 g), dissolve the content in 5 lt of water and apply to the soil the proper quantity of the solution obtained. For hedges and grown-up trees in the soil, use 8-10 lt of solution below plant foliage.
Granverde PS shall be used at regular intervals all the year round, intensifying applications during the spring-summer period. Repeat applications every 8-15 days. 


600 g box