Cifo presence around the world: Visit to Iran

Trip to Iran

In March 2022 our colleagues Parya Soltanmahiaskari, Cifo Product Manager, and Vittorio Volpicelli, Cifo Technical Support Manager traveled to Iran.

The purpose of this mission was to meet with our distributor Hamon Bazar Zarin and do some field visits to its customers.

During the meetings, plans for more fruitful cooperation in the future were discussed.

Considering the season and strategic importance, two main regions were chosen.

The first visited areas were located in Hormozgan province this province is one of the southern provinces of Iran and is limited to the Oman Sea and the Persian Gulf from the south.

Hormozgan province is one of the largest producers of agricultural products, it is important in Iran for producing lemons and mangos, cultivation of bananas, and other very important crops like dates, citrus, capsicum, tomatoes, and onions.

In the city called Minab was held a seminar concerning Cifo strategies for the most important crops in this area, Tomato, capsicum, citrus, and onion.

Trip to Iran Trip to Iran
Trip to Iran Trip to Iran

Then after some field visits to observe closely the issues that growers are facing and also the result of using Cifo products.

The second visited area was close to Shiraz, the capital of Fars province (west-south of Iran) built on a green plain at the foot of the Zagros Mountains.

Agriculture has always been a major part of the economy in and around Shiraz.

There was held a seminar about growing flowers in greenhouses with a hydroponic system and after that visiting some greenhouses.

These visits like the others are followed up by continuously providing technical support.