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Line for vegetable and nursery gardening

A line of products specially developed for the sector of vegetable crops, flower growing and nursery and created for those who daily work with the physiology and nutrition of plants. For an easy detection of the products suitable for one's own needs, they have been sorted by their application category. The best professional fertilizers, which have been selected after years of research and direct use on site, are listed below.


Products for the soil

The products for direct soil application have the function to improve the fertility of soil, provide it with microelements, restore an optimal balance between present and reserve substances and grant the plants a gradual release of nitrogen energy in the initial stages.

  • GRANVERDE TOP N - before transplanting, by transplanting, controlled release nitrogen
  • GRANVERDE ENERTOP -directly to the soil, mixed with potting soil, high nutritive efficacy
  • BIOTRON S - soil tilling, compost mix, fertility increase
  • LEOFER - soil tilling, integration of iron and microelements

Products for Fertigation

The products for application by fertigation include a specific line of microcrystalline fertigation formulas, Fertyflor, and a line of liquid fertigation products - Granserra - perfect to satisfy the nutrition needs of all plants. To complete the fertilization: formulas based on calcium and magnesium, iron chelates and mixtures of microelements. A specific product to grant nutrition solutions with the right pH value and at the same time to provide plants with an important energetic element like phosphorous.
Finally, the benefits of the amino acids and the humic acids - suitable for fertigation too - with three special products that in the last years have won the trust of horticulturists, flower growers and nurserymen.


Leaf application products

Leaf fertilization plays a fundamental role in improving the production quality of vegetable crops, flower growing and nurseries. The plants that are suffering, scrubby or chlorotic due to nutrition deficiencies are able to give neither qualitative nor quantitative results in production. The Floral line, with the essential, highly pure NPK fertilizers, is able to complete plant nutrition thus making them balanced and productive. The Fast line, featuring single meso-microelements based products, allows to prevent and cure any disorder due to nutrition deficiencies. The amino acid based specialties improve plant performance and increase the final production, most of all the qualitative aspects required by the consumer (dimensions, colour, perfumes and flavour). Finally, the strength of marine nutrition elements to protect the plants against physiologic and thermal stresses and the action of the biostimulant to support plant development.


Phytosanitary Products

Plants multiplication by cuttings is extremely widespread in the nursery sector. This is why the hormonal product - liquid or in ready-to-use powder - is useful and necessary to improve the rooting of wood cuttings. The wetting - adhesion improving product is suitable to enhance the effectiveness of the anti-parasite solutions because it creates a wider contact area between product and leaf and favours product absorption. The acidifier improves the efficacy of treatments.