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Organic and mineral-organic fertilizers


Total Nitrogen (N) 15%; Organic Nitrogen (N) 1%; Ureic Nitrogen (N) 14%; Organic Carbon (C) of biological origin 3%
Mineral components: Urea

Organic components: fluid fleshings in suspension

PULIFOL N.F. is a liquid fertilizer, specific for leaf applications as it brings nitrogen to crops, in an aminoacid and ureic form, readily absorbed by leaves. Nitrogen is the plastic macro-element for excellence, being a fundametal protein component: its effect on the vegetable metabolism is mainly that of stimulating cellular multiplication and forming new tissues.
PULIFOL N.F. is therefore suitable as a nitrogeneous leaf integrator for all crops in both the vegetative and reproductive growth stages. The organic Nitrogen contained in PULIFOL N.F. derives from animal tissues which have been suitably treated in order to obtain readily available proteins and aminoacids which, as well as providing nutrition, favour the break down of sugary substances secreted by insects such as pear lice and plant lice in general and prevent olive sooty mould.

The use of PULIFOL N.F. makes it possible to obtain:
- efficient nitrogenous nutrition
- greater development of the leaf apparatus
- a better process of chlorophyl photosynthesis.
Size: 10 kg



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